Orca Associates, LLC.
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About Us

Orca Associates, LLC (“Orca”) was formed to execute on two interrelated operational objectives. The first is to build a company steadfastly devoted to serving the needs of our federal government customers. Orca intends to serve the customers’ “needs” – what they really must have to achieve mission success – not just their “wants” (what makes it into budget line items and RFPs). In order to do this, Orca must also deliver on the second objective, that of enriching the lives of its employees. Accordingly, Orca must develop employees professionally, nurture them personally and reward them financially.

Orca strives to be a preeminent provider of high quality risk, crisis, and emergency management to government organizations. Orca distinguishes itself not merely by what it does, but by how it does it.  Services focus on the mission critical needs of our customers, including crisis and first responder consulting, organizational continuity planning, emergency planning, disaster and relief management, and management consulting. Orca distinguishes itself through its ability to make customers successful, measured by the outcomes it produces rather than the inputs it expends.

Orca’s founders share a common set of values forged during their time as federal civil servants and as trusted advisors to many of those same customers. Many of these values are embodied by the company’s namesake, the orca, known for its intelligence, tenacity, collaboration and unique sense of culture. The company’s six core values are as follows: 
Integrity – Our logo is black and white because we see no moral “gray area.” Orca employees know there is no right way to do a wrong thing and hold themselves to the highest ethical standards especially when nobody is looking.

Aptitude – Orca hires the most highly skilled people and creates an environment where they can solve customers’ most difficult problems. We nurture and mentor these people so that Orca can be a career, not just another job.

Tenacity – Orca may be small in size, but it is large in stature. Orca is a fierce competitor driven by an entrepreneurial fervor to always do more.

Collaboration – For all the aptitude and tenacity in the world, at Orca the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. Orca employees are expected to collaborate to achieve better results.

Devotion – Orca employees exhibit a near fanatical zeal for serving customers’ missions. Customers’ missions are not governed by clocks and calendars and as such, there is no such thing as “good enough,” only “success.” At Orca, we put the customer first, while striving to build one of the best companies in the world, which creates a nurturing environment for our employees.

Balance – In our experience, we have found that the best and happiest employees are those who are equally passionate about their pursuits outside of work as they are about work itself. As such, we encourage Orca employees to devote time not only to work but also to their families, their physical wellness and their various outside interests.
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